Bronze Casting on the Cheap – No. 1

Artist Clay

This is the first of a series “Bronze Casting on the Cheap”.  Working in bronze has never been cheap. One of the main reasons our client base is generally older established artist.  A not so unusual progression has been from establishing themselves as a painter; then being commissioned by one of their patron to turn the painted object into bronze.

This series is intended to help those who may want to try their hand at creative a piece of lasting bronze sculpture.

First chapter: Choice of subject ….. Keep It Simple
• Single figure or object
• Minimal undercuts
• Small – make it fit in a shoe box
• No peripheral objects – big hat, outstretched limbs, holding large objects
• Can be hollowed out and cast hollow to save weight; Aim for the ¼” thick wall
• Have an idea – want an opinion – run it past your foundry

Consider these objects: Sitting animal, robed figure, just a head (the body can be added later), better yet just the face.


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