Bronze Casting on the Cheap – No. 2

Sincerus Welding

This is the second of a series “Bronze Casting on the Cheap”.  Working in bronze has never been cheap.  I came to the realization that The Foundry can create the most time, cost, frustration, saving of all.

This series is intended to help those who may want to try their hand at creative a piece of lasting bronze sculpture.

Second chapter: Choice of foundry ….. Creating the relationship …… being able to speak the foreign language of Foundry.

If your foundry is a Front Door / Back Door Foundry wait for part 3 of the series.  The Front Door / Back Door Foundry – Takes your piece and a deposit check at the front door, calls you when they finish, you meet them at the back door with a check for the balance and a finished piece (which you hope is right).

This could be a long text book on how make your life simple but there are 3 key factors in dealing with the art foundry
• Understanding the process
• Art vs Production
• Being able to verbalize the end vision

What is your time worth?  What is your cost of education?

Understanding the process
Most artists that come through the door have the basic understand the steps required to create a piece of bronze statuary.  Each foundry will have skills, expertise, and knowledge that is different from the next.  It is important that a relationship, a trust, and understanding is established in order for the foundry understands the goals and vision for the end piece.  Without the “cover your ass” factor is added in.  The foundry’s perspective, the dollar always never seem to be enough and from the artist’s perspective way too much.

The end goal is that artist, foundry, and end consumer are all happy with the end piece.

Like any home project there are thing that are easy and things that require a level of skill.  Like the home projects; how much time, money, and frustration are you ready to endure.

If the foundry is looking for a long term relationship they should be willing to walk you through the steps to the point you understand what is required to accomplish a satisfactory result.

The foundry steps we find that we have seen done by the artist:
• Mold making
• Wax model making
• Wax chasing
• Cutting the wax and gating*
• Metal chasing
• Final Patina

The foundry will insist on
• Being part of the wax dissection and gating design
• Providing the metal
• Making the ceramic investment
• Pouring the metal
• Preliminary removal of all gates & runners

*Because the liability of having a good pour falls on the shoulders of the foundry gating by the artist typically is modified prior to investment.

Visit the foundry often.  Establish that relationship.  Communicate your vision.  Those 3 item will minimize the “cover your ass factor” that are added because of too many generalities and added costs.  Remember – your foundry needs to speak artist / and you need to speak foundry.


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